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BREAKING NEWS: Linda Ikeji’s Blog Has Been Removed By Google

We reported earlier that Linda ikeji’s blog might be shut down due to issues with one Mr. Aye Dee and Google over copyright material, in the report we highlighted some possibilities of the Linda losing her blog. A day after our first report, it seems hings took an interesting twist when the gossip blogger released personal information about the man who she believed was witch hunting her and explained why google really wanted to take down her blog. She wrote a post dedicated to that, shunning him as someone who was against her progress.

A moment ago, i made an attempt to visit her blog and surprisingly an error report showed on my screen, alerting me of the shutdown. It says “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

“This must be a big blow to the multimillionaire blogger who is Africa’s number one. She is expected to release a statement on this. While we wait for her official statement see the screen shot below. Well, according to google rules, a blog is not totally deleted until after 14days. She might write an appeal and her blog might be restored. meanwhile she tweeted a moment ago that her blog will be back. We are waiting.

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Award winning Gospel group Living Faith Connections Choir are flying the flag for a new wave of Gospel music in the UK and Africa at large. Having already been nominated at the Africa Gospel Music Awards for ‘Group/Choir Of The Year’ and reached the finals of the BBC Gospel Choir of the Year finals, the London based choir have now been nominated for ‘Best Gospel Act’, at the prestigious MOBO Awards.
The Living Faith Connections Choir released their debut album in 2013 titled Beyond The Norm, collaborating with award winning songwriter Evans Ogboi to create what has widely been regarded as one of the best modern Gospel albums to come out of the UK and Africa in recent times. The album’s lead single “Nobody But You” went on to win ‘Song Of The Year’ at 2013’s Africa Gospel Music Awards.
Living Faith Connections Choir now need your help to bring the MOBO Awards home! Taking place on October 22 at London’s renowned Wembley Arena, this year’s award ceremony also sees the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Dr. Sid and Yemi Alade, along with Living Faith Connection Choir, all nominated for a MOBO award.
Please vote for Living Faith Connections Choir to win the ‘Best Gospel Act’ at the MOBO Awards here.

Living Faith Connections Choir – “Yahweh” (Music

Living Faith Connections Choir Perform “Total
Praise” On BBC:

RCCG’s Living Faith Connections Choir nominated for Mobo awards 2014 ‘Best Gospel Act’

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7yr old narrates how 2 dogs attacked his 4yr old brother for over an hour

7 year old Osemudiamen Abraham, the elder brother of Omonigho Abraham, (pictured above), who was attacked by two dogs on September 25th inside their compound at Adegboyega Street, Akesan Estate, in the Igando area of Lagos, has given account of how his little brother was attacked by the dogs and how onlookers including policemen stood there without trying to help the little boy.
Omonigbo is now battling for his life after the attack which lasted over one hour. Narrating what happened to Punch, Ose said;
“We were riding a bicycle in the compound when the big dogs – Jack and Gadaffi – started barking at us. Later, they moved towards us. My elder brother and I quickly ran upstairs and locked the door while Omo (Omonigho), who could not run fast, was left behind. When he got to the door, he knocked that we should open for him and as we did, one of the dogs forced his way into the house with him. We all ran out. Bobby jumped down from upstairs and I also jumped. But Omo could not jump, so the dog attacked him. The other dog also joined in the attack and there was nothing we could do.” he said
A resident of the area who pleaded anonymity, said the dogs were so vicious in their attack that everyone was too afraid to go near them…
“The police came, but said there was nothing they could do. The dogs were growling as they ate the child alive and that sent fear into everyone. Nobody could move inside to challenge the dogs. Everybody was just shouting in confusion and wielding sticks.” the resident said. Another resident says the owner of the dogs, one Stanley Wesley who has since been arrested by the police, was warned to stop keeping the dogs in their neighborhood but he turned a deaf ear
“We became alarmed when he brought a third dog recently which was more ferocious and bigger than the others. Whenever he took that dog on a walk, even adults would be scared.
People told him to find a place to keep his giant dogs, but he refused to listen. It was the new dog that first followed those children into the house” the resident who pleaded anonymity said Mrs Odia Abraham, the mother of the boy, said she was at work when the attack, which lasted over an hour and a half happened
“When I got there, I met a crowd. They asked me not to go inside, but I refused to listen to them. One of the dogs emerged from the corridor with blood stains in its mouth. I ran inside. The other dog, on sighting me, pounced, but I fought back. It later ran away. I called on people who joined me to take him to a hospital.
This has been a nightmare I want to wake up from. The doctor at Igando said his condition was critical and we should take him to LASUTH.
When the incident happened, I was away at work. But when I got home, I saw parts of my son’s scalp on the floor. The dogs dragged him through the compound for about one and half hours and nobody moved near them. His face was also affected, but thankfully it did not get to his eyes. His two brothers, who survived, also got injured. The seven-year-old who spoke with you has a fracture, which we are still treating.
The other, who is 13 years, has a minor injury.
“We marked Omo’s fourth year birthday in June. He is a very intelligent boy and he always tells me he wants to be a soldier because he loves to protect people. I am hoping this thing will not affect his brain.” she said
The Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the report but however absolved the police of being negligent in helping to rescue the little boy during the attack “I can confirm to you that on September 25, at about 5.40pm, dogs belonging to one Stanley Wesley attacked and harmed a four-year-old boy and the matter was reported at the Igando Police Division. The report from the Divisional
Police Officer indicated that the dogs were being kept to undergo some tests, while their owner had been arrested. The report that the police did not do anything is not true.” he said

Source: Punch

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UPDATE: Total Eclipse of the moon to occur on Wednesday

Sky watchers and observers of the lunar system will notice an extremely rare cosmic sight on Wednesday, October 8, when a total lunar eclipse is expected to occur in different parts of the World. The total eclipse of the moon will result in a clash simultaneous rising of the sun in what scientists have called “selenelion,” a phenomenon that celestial geometry says cannot happen.

During the lunar eclipse, the sun and moon will be exactly 180 degrees apart in the sky. In a perfect alignment like this (called a “syzygy”), such an observation would seem impossible.
The images of both the sun and moon are expected to be lifted above the horizon by atmospheric refraction.
This will allow people on Earth to see the sun for several extra minutes before it actually has risen and the moon for several extra minutes after it has actually set.

As a consequence of this atmospheric trick, watchers in different locations will have a chance to observe this unusual sight firsthand, with the possibility of simultaneously seeing the sun rising in the east while the eclipsed full moon is setting in the west.

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FUNNY: Mr Ibu To Contest For President

Mr Ibu seems serious and is running for the position on the platform of Alliance for Peoples Democratic Party, APDP

2015 is an election year in Nigeria and many political camps are gearing up for the make elections that will usher in new leaders into various positions. Starting from the presidency to the governorship elections down to every other position, it promises to be a tough fight. Prospective candidates have been coming out to declare their intentions and the newest candidate to declare his intention to run for the position of president of the country is none other than Nollywood comic actor,John Okafor, the one we all love to call Mr Ibu.
Mr Ibu seems serious and is running for the position on the platform of Alliance for Peoples Democratic Party, APDP. Won’t you rather vote for a man you trust?

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