BREAKING NEWS: Linda Ikeji’s Blog Has Been Removed By Google

08 Oct

We reported earlier that Linda ikeji’s blog might be shut down due to issues with one Mr. Aye Dee and Google over copyright material, in the report we highlighted some possibilities of the Linda losing her blog. A day after our first report, it seems hings took an interesting twist when the gossip blogger released personal information about the man who she believed was witch hunting her and explained why google really wanted to take down her blog. She wrote a post dedicated to that, shunning him as someone who was against her progress.

A moment ago, i made an attempt to visit her blog and surprisingly an error report showed on my screen, alerting me of the shutdown. It says “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

“This must be a big blow to the multimillionaire blogger who is Africa’s number one. She is expected to release a statement on this. While we wait for her official statement see the screen shot below. Well, according to google rules, a blog is not totally deleted until after 14days. She might write an appeal and her blog might be restored. meanwhile she tweeted a moment ago that her blog will be back. We are waiting.

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